Welcome to my site I am a husband and father who is working towards his end goals of finishing the triple crown and more. My catch is my daughter won't graduate for 5 years so I have more time to plan, prepare, and share!

I grew up in Washington state and we went camping and hiking from the Puget Sound to the Passes, at the time I wasn't much a fan. As life took to to employment and life in general I realized what those trips meant and why my father loved them.

They were a chance to be free of the chains of normal life, the time to just hang out together and live in nature. This is where I plan to document what I learn, the trips I take, and the adventures waiting others if they just believe and find their path.

I am not the youngest, nor the oldest, I am not in the most amazing shape but also not the worst. I want to head out to challenge myself and maybe shed some of the societal boringness that is my entire working life.